Cruz on animal rights.

Ambush journalism is never pretty, but here it exposes a politician's little-known
position on an important issue:  
Exclusive Interview: Ted Cruz on Animal Rights     

In a video, Ted Cruz responds to blogger/reporter Kevin Kirchner with childish 
nonsense, demonstrating his contempt for both Kirschner and for animal rights.  His contemptuous, silly responses in the video sound placating and are calculated 
not to escalate the situation.  

Animal industry workers frequently take out their frustrations on the animals. The extracurricular brutality tolerated in slaughterhouses is seen as just a cost of doing business. 

Workers who cannot control their cruel impulses should be fired and prosecuted,  
but Cruz is content to let things continue as they are.  Agribusiness is legally  responsible for the humane treatment of food animals, but no serious effort is put forth.    

Cruz, for his part, is in Big Meat's pocket.  He's a 
menace to man and beast.

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2 thoughts on “Cruz on animal rights.”

  1. You’re joking, right? Either”Cruz”‘s remarks were made up, or he was trying to get rid of someone he took as an obvious provocateur.


    1. I am working to obtain the video, Waynibus, and will put the link in the article. Yes, he was trying to get rid of Kirschner. Cruz’s views are shaped by his obligation to Big Meat, which is one of his corporate donors.


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